Rundeck 2.6.10 is now available

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A copy of the release notes can be found below:

Release 2.6.10

Date: 2016-11-10

Name: “cafe bonbon limegreen glass”


Notable Enhancements:

  • Run Job Later feature: schedule a one-time Job execution
  • Git SCM Plugins: ability to import jobs from a repo and “archive” the original UUID. Allows sharing a repo among multiple “non-production” projects within the same Rundeck server, and still maintain static UUIDs for the production project.
  • Plugin localization and custom icons
  • New Project home page
  • Project ACLs shown in Access Control page in configuration section
  • Custom navbar color configuration

Bug Fixes:

  • Potential XSS fixed in Activity page
  • Pagination fixed on Activity page
  • Git plugin: importing from a git repo, and later changing to a different repo would cause an error

Other Changes:

  • Job options are now always shown in the defined order
  • Globals can be used in remote option value URLs

And more…


  • Andres Montalban (amontalban)
  • Fabrice Bacchella
  • GitHub (web-flow)
  • Greg Schueler (gschueler)
  • Jamie L. Penman-Smithson (jamieps)
  • Jeff Runningen
  • Stian Mathiassen
  • Sumesh P (sumeshpremraj)

Bug Reporters

  • Mapel88
  • ahonor
  • ajxb
  • amontalban
  • cstewart87
  • dabest1
  • egeland
  • fbacchella
  • gschueler
  • jamieps
  • jrunningen
  • katanafleet
  • kureus
  • ltamaster
  • penekk
  • pfweberp
  • puremourning
  • rophy
  • s-tokutake
  • scaissie
  • sebw
  • smat
  • ssbarnea
  • sumeshpremraj
  • willemdh


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