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A copy of the release notes can be found below:

Release 2.6.0

Date: 2015-10-08

Name: “cafe bonbon chocolate gift”

New Features

  • SCM Plugin with Git implementation (preliminary release)
  • Per-job logging limits, such as max line count or file size, see Jobs - Log Limit
  • Active/passive execution mode: disable all executions on the server
  • Per-Job schedule and execution toggling: disable scheduled or all executions for a single job
  • UI updates to Nodes and Commands pages
  • Project Archives: includes ACLs and project config
  • Per-project ACLs available via API, storable in DB
    • Filesystem ACLs are now used for “global” level access control
    • Project ACLs are limited to manage the specific project, and are stored in the DB
  • ACL validation improvements
    • see the rd-acl tool validate command
    • Invalid filesystem ACLs are logged in the service log
    • Invalid project ACLs uploaded via API will be rejected
  • Example Orchestrator plugins now bundled
  • JSON support added for all API endpoints
  • Some API refactoring for v14
  • See API v14
  • Jobs can now disable automatic node selection by default
  • Phew


Upgrading from 2.5 should not cause any issues. Some new database fields were added, and a new database table was added.


Some changes to Job serialization formats:

  • The project name is no longer included in exported Job definitions.
  • In YAML: options are now always serialized as a sequence, and will preserve the sequence order on input. The original Map format is still allowed on import.


  • Alex Honor (ahonor)
  • Francois Travais
  • Greg Schueler (gschueler)
  • Mathieu Chateau (mathieuchateau)
  • Miguel Fuentes (miguelantonio)
  • Roberto Paez (robertopaez)
  • William Jimenez (wjimenez5271)
  • maciejs

Bug Reporters

  • adamhamner
  • ahonor
  • chadlnc
  • ctgaff
  • ddzed15
  • francois-travais
  • gschueler
  • hipslu
  • ko-christ
  • maciejs
  • mathieuchateau
  • miguelantonio
  • snebel29
  • sylvainr
  • wjimenez5271


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