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A copy of the release notes can be found below:

Release 2.4.0

Date: 2014-12-16

Name: “americano indigo briefcase”

This release has bug fixes and new features, including some GUI improvements.

New Features

  • Job references can override Node Filters. See updates to XML and YAML job definition formats as well.
  • Job and Option descriptions can contain markdown and HTML. For Jobs, the first line is the short description, and following lines are interpreted as markdown.
  • MSSQL compatibility
  • Some GUI tweaks and changes
    • A new Action menu is available next to the Job name in job listing and view pages. Actions include Edit, Duplicate, Delete, and download XML/YAML definitions.
    • The Delete Job link in the Job Edit page has been removed
    • The Job Edit link in job lists has been replaced with an Action menu
    • Hovering on job name in job lists now triggers the detail popup after a slight delay. Previously it was triggered by hovering on the Edit link.
    • Execution follow page layout has been rearranged
    • Added extended Job descriptions (sanitized Markdown/html)
    • Job Edit/Create page: you are now asked to confirm navigation away from the page if you have made changes to the Job

Incubator features

  • Parallel step execution
    • this can be enabled with entry:

  • ssh-agent forwarding for ssh connections
    • this can be enabled per node, project, or server

        framework.local.ttl-ssh-agent=<time in sec>

        project.local.ttl-ssh-agent=<time in sec>

      Node properties:

        local-ttl-ssh-agent=<time in sec>

Compatibility notes

A bug in API v11 XML responses caused them to sometimes be incorrectly wrapped in a <result> element, this has now been corrected. See the API Docs for information. The Rundeck API Java Client library has been updated to workaround this issue (for previous versions of Rundeck).

What is “americano indigo briefcase”?

New versions of Rundeck will have a name based on the version number. The 2.x theme is Coffee, and 2.4.x is “americano”. The point release defines a combination of color and icon we can display in the GUI for easier visual differentiation. 2.4.0 is “indigo briefcase”.

Why yes, I’d like an americano, thank you.


  • Alex Honor (ahonor)
  • Greg Schueler (gschueler)
  • Jason (jasonhensler)
  • Jonathan Li (onejli)
  • Mathieu Payeur Levallois (mathpl)
  • Ruslan Lutsenko (lruslan)
  • mezbiderli

Bug Reporters

  • Whitepatrick
  • adamhamner
  • ahonor
  • danifr
  • davealbert
  • foundatron
  • gmichels
  • gschueler
  • jasonhensler
  • jcmoraisjr
  • katanafleet
  • lruslan
  • mathpl
  • mezbiderli
  • new23d
  • onejli
  • ujfjhz
  • zarry


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