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Rundeck 2.0 is now available

Rundeck 2.0

We are extremely pleased to announce the first general release of Rundeck 2.0. For those who haven't seen the 2.0.0 in its alpha and beta releases, prepare yourself for a vastly improved Rundeck!


While this is our first general release of 2.0, we are not done yet. We have more exciting ideas and features brewing that you'll see in 2014. Many thanks to the Rundeck community for their ideas, feedback, and inspiration.



Watch our twitter feed for updates and news:


One caveat: The documentation has not been completely updated (it still has screenshots from beta) but we'll be publishing the final ones very soon.


Where to download

Various download methods are available. Please visit the Downloads page:


Try it as a demo

You can try Rundeck 2 in the context of two working examples. Both examples use vagrant to bring up a working Rundeck server with a project and jobs already set up.

To see Rundeck 2, install Vagrant, checkout one of the repos and run “vagrant up”.


What’s new in the 2.0.0-beta1?

Be sure to read the relase notes for a complete list of changes.


Here’s a few notable things:

  • New live execution state view that shows what step is running on which node
  • New Projects home page displays readme and message of the day files that can be customized with markdown to display notices to users
  • Improved Node filter now supports all custom node attributes
  • Improved Nodes page to better navigate the data about the nodes in your infrastructure
  • New Commands page dedicated to ad hoc command execution
  • Step descriptions for workflow steps. Give your step a brief description, which will be displayed during execution
  • Improved Activity views with tabbed views for common queries
  • Box score metrics for executions
  • Many other cosmetic and performance related improvements



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