Rundeck 1.6.0 is now available

Rundeck 1.6.0 is now available.

Release notes: Rundeck 1.6.0
Download: Rundeck 1.6.0

Below is the full marketing press release...

Rundeck 1.6: Enabling Operations as a Service

SimplifyOps is pleased to announce the general availability release of Rundeck 1.6. Rundeck is an open source server that enables Operations teams to quickly turn their standard operations tasks into self-service jobs that can be accessed securely through Rundeck’s Web GUI, Web API, or command line.

What you can do with Rundeck 1.6

  • Confidently hand off automated procedures with a more user-friendly graphical interface, improved output screens, and improved performance
  • Improved visibility for following current activity and auditing past activity
  • Store logs in location of your choosing or stream to tools like Logstash using Rundeck’s plugin system
  • Create dynamic and conditional user input menus using the new cascading options features
  • Edit scripts embedded in Rundeck jobs using the popular ACE graphical editor
  • Initial support for high availability cluster configuration

Why Rundeck?

The rise of trends like DevOps and the Cloud creates new challenges for Operations teams. DevOps has put increased pressure on Operations teams to support quicker lifecycles. Development and QA teams are demanding self-service operations and visibility into operations activity in both pre-production and production environments. At the same time, the Cloud is introducing increasingly dynamic and complex infrastructure, adding to the challenge of automating what are already complex Operational processes.

Rundeck helps meet these needs by enabling Operations teams to quickly turn their manual or semi-manual (i.e. run multiple scripts or tools to complete a task) operating procedures into self-service jobs. With Rundeck, you now have common, access controlled, and logged interface through which you can safely allow users to execute and follow the output of any operations task that you define -- from a simple status request to a multi-step and multi-node procedure that might span multiple tools and scripts. In defining a Rundeck job you can create workflows that embed your scripts directly or your can call out to any tool or external system. Rundeck is also highly extensible and provides multiple plug-in points.

“Rundeck users are generally solving a last-mile type problem” says SimplifyOps Co-Founder, Damon Edwards. “They have procedures automated to the point where they themselves can run a series of scripts or commands to execute a task when requested of them. But being the only ones who can fulfill that request is time consuming and turns them into the bottleneck slowing down the organization. So these users started using Rundeck to turn those procedures into repeatable and secure self-service jobs. They are pioneering Operations as a Service.”

Rundeck is a fully open source product available under the Apache 2.0 license. Rundeck users and/or contributors include: Adobe,, Ticketmaster, Omgeo, Disney, Fidelity,, Pearson, Nespresso, AARP,, and

To read the most recent Rundeck case study featuring, please visit:

About SimplifyOps, Inc.

SimplifyOps, based in Redwood City, CA, was founded in 2013 to further the Rundeck open source project and support Rundeck users. Services provided by SimplifyOps include Support, Training, and Sponsored Development. The Rundeck founding team includes the core Rundeck development team.

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