# Progress Badge Workflow Step (Enterprise)

The Progress Badge Plugin included with Process Automation can create graphic badges to be rendered on the Log Output tab.

See also: (/manual/log-filters/progress-badge.md).

Render a single badge using input options:

  • Text to be displayed inside the badge. Supports emoticons (see below).
  • Status of the Badge, ok (green badge), error (red badge) or neutral (grey badge). Can be a variable from option o key-value data.

# Emoji Support

To use some emoji inside the text, must input the alias of the emoji between colon: :smile: Successfull job! :100: Display as:

😄 Successfull job! 💯

A full list of supported emoji are listed here: vdurmont/emoji-java (opens new window)

# Advanced render options

  • Specify typeface and font size
  • Select for background color of the badge. O can enter a hexadecimal color value in the format #ffff00