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Progress Badge Workflow Step (Enterprise)

Progress Badge Workflow Step (Enterprise)

The Progress Badge Plugin included with Process Automation can create graphic badges to be rendered on the Log Output tab.

See also: Log Filter Progress Badge (Enterprise)

Render a single badge using input options:

  • Text to be displayed inside the badge. Supports emoticons (see below).
  • Status of the Badge, ok (green badge), error (red badge) or neutral (grey badge). Can be a variable from option o key-value data.

Emoji Support

To use some emoji inside the text, must input the alias of the emoji between colon: :smile: Successfull job! :100: Display as:

😄 Successfull job! 💯

A full list of supported emoji are listed here: vdurmont/emoji-javaopen in new window

Advanced render options

  • Specify typeface and font size
  • Select for background color of the badge. O can enter a hexadecimal color value in the format #ffff00