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Github Script Plugin (Enterprise)

Github Script Plugin (Enterprise)

The Github script plugin is a Workflow Step plugin included with Process Automation that runs a command located on a GitHub repo.

Github Script WF Step Plugin View
Github Script WF Step Plugin View


  • API URL: Github API base URL. (Eg:
  • Repo Path: Github repo path. (Eg: repo-owner/repo-name)
  • Script Path: Path to script in the repository. (Eg: path/to/
  • Script Interpreter: Interpreter to run the script. ("bash", "sh", "python", "cmd", "powershell")

Note: The step will run the script located in <API-URL>/<REPO-PATH>/<SCRIPT-PATH> using the desired interpreter


  • Execution Timeout: Timeout of the execution (milliseconds). Leave it empty if the timeout is not needed
  • Fail On Error: Force to fail the step if the script has an error
  • Authentication Type: Authentication Type. (Basic: to use account password, OAuth token: to use GH Personal Access Token)
  • Username: Github Username
  • Password: Github Account Password (For Basic Authentication)
  • Token: Github Personal Access Token (For OAuth Authentication)

If Username and password are not provided, the library tries to find it at ~/.github property file (check http://github-api.kohsuke.orgopen in new window)