# Automated Diagnostics

# What is PagerDuty's Automated Diagnostics Solution and what does it do for you?

Automated diagnostics can be of huge value when managing incidents. By pulling “diagnostic” data into your incidents, you can both shorten the length of incidents and reduce the number of individuals paged to help with resolution.
See this blog post (opens new window) to learn more about the value of automated diagnostics.

PagerDuty provides a solution that helps users start automating diagnostics quickly. This Solution consists of prebuilt Automation Jobs that retrieve data from common infrastructure and services for investigating, debugging and diagnosing incidents:

Prebuilt Jobs in PagerDuty's Process Automation
Prebuilt Jobs in PagerDuty's Process Automation

As an example, if an incident is triggered for a service running in Kubernetes, PagerDuty Runbook Automation can - at the click of a button or through event-driven invocation - retrieve information from logs, API’s, databases and other sources that support this Service.
This information is then presented in the PagerDuty Incident Response interface:

Overview Picture

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