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Automated Diagnostics

Automated Diagnostics

Getting Started


To use the Automated Diagnostics Solution, you must either have a PagerDuty Runbook Automation license or a Process Automation license. See the FAQopen in new window for details on how to use with Rundeck Community. If you do not have a license for either of these products, contact usopen in new window to learn more.

You must be running at least version 4.8.0 to use this Solution. New instances of Runbook Automation have the Solution installed and included by default.

Runbook Automation instances are preloaded with the Automated Diagnostics project. If you do not see the project in your Runbook Automation instance, follow the instructions below.

For all Process Automation environments, follow the steps below to download and import the Automated Diagnostics Jobs and Tours:

Download the Automated Diagnostics Solution package.

  1. Download the latest release of the Automated Diagnostics Solution hereopen in new window.

Create a project in your Process Automation environment:

  1. Click the P in the upper left corner to navigate to the Main Dashboard

  2. Click the blue New Project+ button: Add Project

  3. Copy the following into the Project Name field: automated-diagnosticsName Project

    Heads Up

    Be sure to name the project automated-diagnostics. Otherwise, some of the prebuilt Jobs and Tours will not function properly.

  4. Provide a Label for a more "user-friendly" name - such as Automated Diagnostics

  5. Click the green Create button

Import the archive file into your new project:

  1. In your new project, click the gears in the lower left corner for Project Settings

  2. Choose Import Archive from the menu: Import Archive

  3. For the Choose a Rundeck archive, select the automated-diagnostics.jar from the downloaded resources.

  4. Leave all of the import settings as their defaults

  5. Click the green Import button


    The Tours in the Automated Diagnostics Solution will help you integrate the product with various services (such as AWS) and other PagerDuty products.
    If you are looking for a more general introduction to PagerDuty’s Automation products, it is recommended to review the contents of the Welcome Projectopen in new window.