# How To Guides

These How To Guides go deeper into topics with examples or code written by our team to streamline certain processes.

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Available Guides by Section

Welcome Projects Administration Managing Nodes Writing Jobs
Integrating Customizing Contributing

# Welcome Projects

Getting Started

# Administration

Migrate from Bintray packages repo
Install Rundeck on CentOS
Migrate from built-in database to MySQL
Use Terraform to Automate Rundeck
Learn the Rundeck CLI
Get Started with ACLs
Set up Apache 2.4 as a Reverse Proxy
How to Work with Server Logs
Set up S3 or Minio for Execution Logs
How to Manage Jobs as Code
Configure Rundeck behind an egress proxy
Deploy Rundeck on AWS with Terraform
Deploy Rundeck on AWS EKS with Terraform

# Managing Nodes

Use SSH on Linux/UNIX nodes
Run Jobs on Windows nodes
Revoke OpenSSH Keys
Configure remote nodes with WinRM

# Writing Jobs

Use Rundeck Example Jobs
Pass Data Between Steps
Call APIs from Rundeck
Find Log4Shell with Rundeck
Use ROI Metric Data
Pass Data into Notifications

# Integrating

Use Rundeck Webhooks
Use AWS Systems Manager Across Multiple Accounts
Enable Notifications to PagerDuty
Integrate with Ansible
Configure ServiceNow CMDB as a Node Source
Configure GCP Integration
Use a serviceNow MID Server
Monitor Using Prometheus and Grafana
Integrate with Hashicorp Vault
Integrate with Jenkins
Manage Kubernetes

# Customizing

Use the Plugin Bootstrap Tool
Develop a Customer Script Plugin
Develop a Customer Java Plugin
Extend the Docker image

# Contributing

Contribute to Documentation
Build Rundeck from Source Code