# Getting Help

This documentation is the first stop for help or understanding of Rundeck. For additional support options check out the list below.

# Enterprise Support

Rundeck Enterprise is the only way to get professional support from the creators and maintainers of Rundeck. From advice about your Rundeck usage to help with troubleshooting, our support team has you covered. Standard and 24x7 options are available. If you are interested in getting professional support Contact Us here (opens new window).

# Public Resources

Sometimes questions have already been answered use these resources to engage with the Rundeck community.

# Rundeck Office Hours

Live Rundeck support on the first Thursday of every month. Deep dive product demos and a panel of technical experts to support the Rundeck community. Register today (opens new window) and pre-submit your questions.

# Open Discussion Q&A

# Feedback

If you find problems with Rundeck, or if you have questions, remarks, or ideas about it, please send an email to the Rundeck mailing list. rundeck-discuss@googlegroups.com.

# Bugs

If you find a bug, please log a Github issue here.

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