Release 1.4.4

Date: 10/26/2012

This release marks the end of the 1.4 development cycle, and includes bug fixes and a few new features.

We are planning to make some changes in the DB schema for the next release (1.5.x) that may not be backwards compatible so have included a feature to export a Rundeck project into an archive file. This will allow us to change the schema yet still allow users to migrate their projects.

Notable Changes:

  • bug fixes (scheduled jobs, mail notifications, rd-jobs yaml output, jenkins plugin + parallel jobs)
  • Project archive/import - download an archive of Jobs, Executions and History that can be imported into a different project
  • Added a second level of sudo password support
  • Add a ‘purge’ action to rd-jobs tool to delete jobs
  • Better support for Tomcat war deployment
  • View all nodes button in Run page
  • Cascading option values from remote URLs
  • CLI tools can follow execution output from the server (rd-queue, run, dispatch)
  • API enhancements:
    • query for executions and history reports
    • retrieve execution output