# Project MOTD

A motd file is a great way to make an announcement to the project's users. The motd content is interpreted as markdown text letting you format your text and embed images and links.

# Graphical Interface

Figure: Project motd
Figure: Project motd

# CLI Usage

Update the motd with some text.

rd projects motd put -p MyProject -t "This is the **motd** for MyProject"

You might want to set the project home page to show the motd.

rd projects configure set -p MyProject -- \

# API Usage

Project motd/motd modification

PUT /api/13/project/myproject/motd.md
Content-Type: text/plain

This is the **motd** for MyProject

# Filesystem

If using the filesystem storage type only, you can create the file in the project base directory:

  • launcher: $RDECK_BASE/projects/{project}/motd.md
  • rpm/deb: /var/rundeck/projects/{project}/motd.md

If using the db storage type, use the GUI, the CLI or API.