The Azure Storage plugin uses Azure Storage to store execution log files, for backup or for a cluster environment behavior.

The source code lives at

Enable the plugin

Enable the ExecutionFileStorage provider named azure-storage in your file:



To configure the Azure Storage Account credentials you can set these property values:

  • storageAccount: Azure Storage Account
  • accessKey: Azure Storage Access Key
  • path: The path in the bucket to store a log file.

    You can use these expansion variables:

    • ${job.execid} = execution ID
    • ${job.project} = project name
    • ${} = job UUID (or blank).
    • ${} = job group (or blank).
    • ${} = job name (or blank)

You can define the configuration values in by prefixing the property name with the stem: Or in a project’s file with the stem

For example:

#storage.storageAccount and storage.accessKey<ACCOUNT-NAME><ACCESS-KEY>

#path to store the logs${job.project}/${job.execid}.log