Meetup Videos: Rundeck 2.0 Preview and How uses Rundeck was generous enough to host the first Rundeck Meetup in San Francisco. The meetup featured two great presentations that I think would be useful for both new and experienced Rundeck users. Thanks to for recording the videos.


Alex Honor: Rundeck's history and a tour of the currently under development Rundeck 2.0

Alex's talk starts with a history of Rundeck, including a look at early work done with Zynga. After that, Alex gets into the vision for the project and gives a tour of the upcoming Rundeck 2.0.



Alan Caudill: How uses Rundeck

Alan Caudill gave a great presentation that talks about why chose Rundeck and how Rundeck is integrated with SaltStack and an internal tool called Kingpin. Alan also talks about the security model they used, showed some screenshots, and talked about their future plans.




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