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Rundeck support and services are now available from SimplifyOps

Dear Friends of Rundeck,

I'd like to announce the unveiling of SimplifyOps, a new company dedicated to supporting the Rundeck project and it's users.

My co-founders and I were able to take this step because of the commitment and enthusiasm that so many of you have shown for Rundeck. We're excited and expect this news to be exciting to you as well.

What does this mean for the Rundeck project?

The first thing you should notice is a renewed focus by the project's core maintainers as we are able to focus our attention and development efforts. Hopefully, you'll feel like the project is moving faster and doing more exciting things. As SimplifyOps grows, all of that extra manpower and enthusiasm will go into the project as well.

Is the Rundeck license changing?

Not at all. Rundeck is now and will remain under the Apache 2.0 license. We are dedicated to Rundeck as an open source project and Rundeck will remain an open source project. We are firm believers in the social contract between an open source project and it's users. You should be able to invest your time and efforts into a project knowing that you will always be able to use the output under a free and open license.

How will SimplifyOps make money?

SimplifyOps was founded based on what can now be called a "classic" open source business model. SimplifyOps provides support, training, sponsored development, and other services for Rundeck users. Please consider purchasing one or more of these services from SimplifyOps. Every dollar spent with SimplifyOps directly translates to us being able to invest that much more in Rundeck.

Why start a standalone company?

We want to make sure that Rundeck gets the attention, focus, and resources it needs. The mission of DTO Solutions, the previous employer of the core Rundeck team, is broader DevOps consulting. While DTO Solutions continues on that mission and shares some common senior management with SimplifyOps, SimplifyOps and it's employees have only one mission: Make Rundeck awesome.

As always, I'd love to hear your feedback on all of this. Feel free to contact me at any time.

More news to come soon!

Sincerely, Alex Honor
SimplifyOps, Inc.

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