The CLI tools (except rd-acl) use the Rundeck API to communicate to the Rundeck server.

Authentication to the server can happen in several ways:

Static configuration

The default mechanism is to use these properties stored in the file:

  • framework.server.url The URL to connect to Rundeck
  • framework.server.username The username
  • framework.server.password The password

This requires storing the username/password in plaintext on the filesystem.

Environment Variables

These environment variable can be used to define the connection and authentication data:

  • RUNDECK_URL The URL to connect to Rundeck
  • RUNDECK_USER The username
  • RUNDECK_PASS The password


RUNDECK_URL=http://madmartigan.local:4440 RUNDECK_USER=admin RUNDECK_PASS=admin rd-jobs list -p test