Storage plugins define ways to store and dynamically modify file contents such as store Private Key Files and Project Configuration.

For configuration see Configuring - Storage Plugins.

Storage Backend

A storage backend is a "Storage" plugin, which defines how to list, create, update, delete and retrieve file contents and metadata.

Rundeck bundles two storage plugin types:

  • file - stores file contents on disk
  • db - stores file contents in the database

Storage Converter

A storage converter is a "StorageConverter" plugin, which can modify the contents or metadata of a stored file as it is being created, updated, or read.

Jasypt Encryption Converter Plugin

Rundeck includes an Encryption plugin called jasypt-encryption.
This plugin provides password based encryption for storage contents.
It uses the Jasypt encryption library. The built in Java JCE is used unless another provider is specified, Bouncycastle can be used by specifying the 'BC' provider name.

Password, algorithm, provider, etc can be specified directly, or via environment variables (the *EnvVarName properties), or Java System properties (the *SysPropName properties).

To enable it, see Configuring - Storage Converter Plugins.

Provider type: jasypt-encryption

The following encryption properties marked with * can be set directly, using the property name shown, but they can all also be set dynamically using either an Environment variable, or a Java System Property.
Append either EnvVarName for the environment variable, or SysPropName to use the Java System Property.
If a System Property is specified: it is read in once and used by the initialization of the converter plugin, then the Java System Property is set to null so it cannot be read again.

Configuration properties:


Jasypt Encryptor to use. Either basic, strong, or custom. Default: 'basic'.

  • basic uses algorithm PBEWithMD5AndDES
  • strong requires use of the JCE Unlimited Strength policy files. (Algorithm: PBEWithMD5AndTripleDES)
  • custom is required to specify the algorithm.

the password.


the encryption algorithm.


the provider name. 'BC' indicates Bouncycastle.


Java class name of the provider.


Number of hashes to use for the password when generating the key, default is 1000.

Example configuration for the Key Storage facility:

Example configuration for the Project Configuration storage facility:

Develop your own